Doctors’ house calls possible via technology

Doctors’ house calls, a common practice of a bygone era, are poised to make a modern-day comeback, thanks to much of the same mobile and handheld technology that has transformed the phone call.

Telemedicine, which lets doctors see patients remotely via technology similar to popular apps such as Skype and Face Time, has been around for decades but is undergoing a rapid evolution as handheld devices become more powerful and broadband communications networks become standard.

Modern telemedicine, like the telephone, has been around for a long time — at least since NASA scientists first began monitoring the heartbeats of astronauts in space.

And just as mobile technology and handheld computing has put a powerful computer in many people’s pockets, telemedicine is maturing itself, bringing teleconferences out of the board room and into the doctor’s office.

On the North Coast, the use of telemedicine is no longer the domain of big players like Sutter Medical Center or Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. Smaller district hospitals such as Healdsburg and Palm Drive have been linking their patients with distant specialists for a few years, while the area’s community clinics have recently begun to take advantage of more affordable technology.

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