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California Telehealth Network is the leading agency in California focusing on increasing access to healthcare through the innovative use of technology, including telehealth, telemedicine and health information exchange. The mission of the California Telehealth Network is to promote advanced information technologies and services to improve access to high quality healthcare focusing on medically underserved and rural Californians.

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Participating Sites

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Our participating sites include hospitals, rural clinics, tribal clinics, FQHC’s, school-based clinics and more. CTN understands your unique needs and challenges. 

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As a participating site, you are eligible for multiple benefits, including exclusive discounts and pricing with CTN Preferred Partners. Meet our partners today.

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Connecting to CTN brings high-speed broadband and telehealth capabilities to all healthcare providers including independent, non-profit and for-profit providers. We are committed to making quality care available to all patients, regardless of their location. CTN enables you to provide patients with the services and technologies that can change lives by increasing access to quality healthcare through the CTN network.

Latest News


Survey: Patient Interest in Adopting Telemedicine Industry View 2015

Telemedicine and telehealth services, in which medical visits are conducted via software on a secure videoconferencing platform, can help increase provider efficiency while providing a convenient service to patients.

To learn how providers can use this technology to better serve patients, Software Advice conducted a survey gauging public interest in virtual medical visits as a tool for diagnosing and treating minor illnesses.

Key Findings:


Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet – Net Neutrality Comments Filed

CTN filed reply comments with the FCC on September 10, 2014


CMS Expands Telehealth Reimbursement with New Rule

Buried within a 1,185 page rule from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on payments to physicians is an indication that the agency is expanding reimbursement for telemedicine.

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Share Your Telehealth Story

Do you have an inspirational story about the impact of telehealth in your life or the lives of others? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

CTN has taken on the task of sharing with Washington and others how telehealth is benefiting the delivery of healthcare to underserved and vulnerable patient populations – you can help by sharing your stories and successes around the impact of telehealth in healthcare.

When you share your story you:


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