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CTN is California’s leading agency connecting people to improve access to quality, affordable healthcare through the innovative use of telehealth, technology and broadband services.

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We supply physicians, hospitals and clinics with services and technologies to provide quality care to patients, operate more efficiently, optimize revenues and expand access to care.

Latest News

Latest News

Webinar Announcement: How to Bill for CCS/GHPP Telehealth Services, Tuesday, October 9

Hello Everyone,

 Dr. Seleda Williams of the CA CCS program asked that I forward on to the Coalition members this announcement about a training webinar tomorrow on billing in the CCS program for telehealth services.  See the announcement below and attached. 


One thing to remember, to register you need to set up an account with the Medi-Cal Learning Portal.  Click on the “register” link at the top right of the Portal homepage to get a username and password first.




OCHIN Deeply Disappointed Over Omission of 42 CFR Part 2
Reform in Opioid Package

Thank you to the Association of Behavioral Health and Wellness and all the partners of the Association for their work in HR 6082. We (OCHIN) will continue to drive support on 42 CFR Part 2 reform and ask Senate to take up the issue for a stand-alone site.

Latest News

CVC & OCHIN are Joining Forces

I’m pleased to announce that OCHIN has subcontracted to take over administration of the Central Valley Collaborative HCCN award from United Health Centers of San Joaquin Valley. If you’re unfamiliar with OCHIN, we are a nonprofit health care IT innovation center based in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 2001, we serve community health centers and other health care organizations focused on vulnerable populations across the nation, supporting over 10,000 providers with solutions that promote quality, affordable health care for all.

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